We've been creating incredible events for eleven years and along the way we've had the pleasure of working with some exceptional talent. Using our contacts and experience we're delighted to launch the Don't Panic Speaker Bureau to allow other event organisers access to some of the best in the business.
Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Literacy Advisor, Motivational Speaker, Event Host £5k+

Arif Ansari

Conference Chair, MC, Speaker £1k - £3k

Marcus Bentley

The Voice of Big Brother, MC £1k - £3k

Clint Boon

Inspiral Carpet, Broadcaster, DJ, MC £1k - £3k

Martin Bryant

Technology Consultant, Speaker, Writer and Educator £500 - £1.5k

Dave Bryon

Comedian, Writer, Speaker £1k - £3k

Tim Cocker

Broadcaster, MC, Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Sean Collins

Comedian, Awards Host and After Dinner Speaker £1k - £3k

Andy Crane

Broadcaster, MC, Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Holly Hamilton

Award Winning Journalist, Presenter and Reporter £2k - £5k

Chris Hawkins

Broadcaster, MC and Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Emma Jesson

Broadcaster, MC and Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Andy Johnson

Event Host, MC, Broadcaster £1k - £3k

Mike Joyce

Drummer, MC, DJ, Presenter £1k - £3k

Liz Kershaw

Broadcaster, MC, DJ, Speaker £1k - £3k

Lucy McNamara

Broadcaster, Voice-Over Artist, MC £500 - £1.5k

Clare Nasir

Meteorologist, Presenter, Writer £500 - £1.5k

Bonita Norris

Adventurer, Author & Motivational Speaker £1k - £3k

Helen Nugent

Award-Winning Journalist, Speaker, Event Host & Editor of Northern Soul £500 - £1.5k

Will Perry

Presenter and Sports Broadcaster £1k - £3k

Connor Phillips

Presenter, Live Event Host £1k - £3k

Natalie Pike

Presenter, MC and Event Host £500 - £1.5k

Fiona Sadler

Broadcaster, MC, Event Host £500 - £1.5k

Mike Sweeney

Broadcaster, MC, Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Michael Taylor

Business Consultant, MC, Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Roger Tilling

Voice Over, MC and Broadcaster £1k - £3k

Annie Voller

Broadcaster, Journalist , Expert Curator of Whisky, Gin, Rum, and Travel, MC £500 - £1.5k

Steve Walls

Presenter, Comedian and Writer, MC and Event Host £1k - £3k

Sam Walker

Presenter and Broadcaster £1k - £3k

Chris Warburton

Broadcaster, Journalist £1k - £3k