Martin Allanson

Voiceover Artist £500 - £1.5k

Amanda Brown

Transformational Trainer, Motivational Speaker £500 - £1.5k

Martin SFP Bryant

Technology Consultant, Speaker, Writer and Educator £500 - £1.5k

Tim Cocker

Broadcaster, MC, Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Sean Collins

Comedian, Awards Host and After Dinner Speaker £1k - £3k

Andy Crane

Broadcaster, MC, Conference Chair £1k - £3k

James Dolan

Professional Guitarist & Singer £500 - £1.5k

Nick Entwistle

Creativity Speaker £500 - £1.5k

Tracy May-Harriott

Global Director of Education, Brand Ambassador & Professional Beauty Specialist £1k - £3k

Lucy McNamara

Broadcaster, Voice-Over Artist, MC £500 - £1.5k

Mary-Ellen McTague

Award-Winning Manchester Chef £500 - £1.5k

Michelle Moore

Award-Winning Speaker, Consultant & Former Athlete £1k - £3k

James Mulvany

Entrepreneur, Speaker £500 - £1.5k

Clare Nasir

Meteorologist, Presenter, Writer £500 - £1.5k

Bonita Norris

Adventurer, Author & Motivational Speaker £1k - £3k

Helen Nugent

Award-Winning Journalist, Speaker, Event Host & Editor of Northern Soul £500 - £1.5k

Natalie Pike

Presenter, MC and Event Host £500 - £1.5k

Daniel Prince

Associate Director for Security Lancaster and Cyber Security Expert £500 - £1.5k

Fiona Sadler

Broadcaster, MC, Event Host £500 - £1.5k

Phil Seymour

Sports MC, Event Host & Presenter £500 - £1.5k

Natalie Silverman

Presenter, Host and Voiceover Artist £500 - £1.5k

Paul Spiers

‘The New P&L – Principles & Leadership in Business’ Podcast Series Host and Founder of The New P&L Institute £500 - £1.5k

Alex Staniforth

Record-breaking Adventurer, Author, Fundraiser & Mental Health Advocate £1k - £3k

Mike Sweeney

Broadcaster, MC, Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Michael Taylor

Business Consultant, MC, Conference Chair £1k - £3k

Kris Temple

Presenter, Stadium Announcer & Broadcaster £500 - £1.5k

Annie Voller

Broadcaster, Journalist , Expert Curator of Whisky, Gin, Rum, and Travel, MC £500 - £1.5k

Sam Walker

Presenter and Broadcaster £1k - £3k

Chris Warburton

Broadcaster, Journalist £1k - £3k

Lee Wilcox

Speaker, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder & CEO of On The Tools £500 - £1.5k